to the 2016 Auction!

If you go to the Fair and get a registration number, please use that instead of your name on the online bid sheet! Will be a big help to us. Thanks!

Our LVIS volunteers have gathered wonderful prizes from the generous donors who support the work of LVIS! These prizes are divided into the categories listed on the right side of this page. On a smartphone, click ‘menu’ at the top of the screen to see the categories. If there is a specific category of items in which you are interested, click on that category, or just browse through them all. If you are not at the Fair and want to bid on an item, call Phil at 973-727-8775.

Some categories have items that are biddable online until 4PM on Saturday, July 25, the Fair Day. These are also listed under the category BIDDABLES ONLINE. The winners of these items must call the LVIS office to give a credit card number (unless it was registered with us at the Fair). The number is 631-324-1220, ext. 2.

For the Arts and Antiques category, there are an amazing number of fabulous items. But because most people want to view these items at the fair before considering whether they are interested, they are not listed. They will be on display at the Fair. Thank you for your generous support in helping LVIS continue the mission to keep East Hampton beautiful and vibrant!